My Accountability Note to Self

This is not a resolution. This is an accounting of self. I've rediscovered and have resolved to start listening to my intuition through tarot. Today's card pull was Change right side suiting for the first day of the New Year. It was also pulled in a more in-depth reading that I did a few … Continue reading My Accountability Note to Self


When You Know

It’s funny when fulfillment arrivesWords are saidActions are takenAnd a feeling of wholeness settles in Conversations don’t have alternative endingsLife simply is Words are suddenly the right wordsActions are suddenly the right actionsWithout regretWithout a second thought Smiles and laughter erupt with abandonAnd I embrace youHoping it never ends.

False Halts

Whenever a false roadblock appearsTo slow our fast footfallsFear encroaching upon the laughterI worry I worryThat the roadblock will growThat the laughter will diminishSimply fearing that what is will fadeAnd so it fadesNot because it would have naturallyBut because what is, is simply overwhelmingAlmost unfathomableStepping in front of our own happiness Is this what you … Continue reading False Halts