Reflecting on Social Input

It’s amazing how social input can affect my motivation and approach to tasks.

I’m inspired to do something that would better myself and others, yet I’m finding two obstacles:

  1. I’m successful enough at one, that others (a significant number) are asking me why I would want to continue offering a lower cost and time-consuming alternative.
  2. I’m encouraging community engagement and reflection, yet when others don’t engage, I ask myself why I bother…why should I care?

My answers to these continue to return to attempting to not only reach out for my own social wellness, but also to attempt to better my community. We learn and do better as a collective whole, correct? In addition, the lower cost and time-consuming alternative is my way of continuing to support my need for consistent income. If I have income instability when it comes to paying my bills…I get very anxious. So, this option provides for my mental and financial health while helping my community simultaneously.

I want to continue on this chosen path, but I feel my motivation waning when others don’t understand me or deflate my desires.

I would have made this a simple journal entry, but I didn’t have my journal on me and figured this might open a conversation worth having – Feel free to join!


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