Learning to Share

I’m a horrible story teller.
I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m random, and continue conversations seemingly conjured from my head. People get lost. Don’t know where or how to catch up. And yet, I have to remember how to be a teacher.

I’ve taught previously, and have inspired or helped people move forward along a desired path. But now I have to remember. I have to remember how to not only connect the dots for myself. To find the words. But to allow others to follow along my mind’s journey. Are you following?

I could make excuses all day as to why I haven’t learned to share properly. But that doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t make any difference for the future. I have to begin to make a difference NOW – or else I will fall away.

So I’m hoping that this is my outlet for all of my vague non sequiturs. Because I can’t continue this habit in my life that’s considered “real.” I apologize if you aren’t following. I sometimes enjoy being vague – even at the risk of never being fully understood. Are we ever fully understood? As Individuals? It’s nice to have empathy. But no one else can fully understand us. Right? And isn’t that the beauty? We are all unique. In whatever ratio that we are organized and connected.

Like neural pathways. We connect, speak, relate based on prior experience and habitual references. We can’t expect anyone else to make the same connections between two seemingly unrelated topics as we do.

And that’s where I have to remember how to be a teacher. To share. To break down my obvious relations to others that have no idea what I’m talking about – or at least no idea how I moved on from one point to the other.

Remember. Remember. Learning anew. Re-becoming a beginner so that I can pass down the lessons learned.

Let’s try this again.

I need to remember how to begin from step one. To elaborate, share, and tell a story on how Step 1 leads into Step 2. I can’t cut corners. I can’t assume that you follow me. I need to remember how I made the initial connections that inspired me to go off on tangents. I need to be able to teach so that others are inspired to form their own tangents. So that the possibilities of what they learn can have implications as vast as the cosmos.


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