Loneliness taught me to keep busyFear of loneliness kept me busySo as not to risk vulnerability,falling on deaf earsSo, when others sought me, I raised my shield of busy-nessAnd sought the pages before me to hear me The downfallThe pages don’t talk backSo I’m left with revelations of my own designLeft uncheckedUntil my ignorant words … Continue reading Loneliness



Sometimes I need to screamSometimes I need to write it all outSometimes I need to stressTo figure it all out. Desires multiplyDown the tunnel I goDigging out - yet deeper I go The dirt beneath my nailsWrite the screams from my mindAnd alas I seeWhat echoes within me.


I stretchedFelt the voidAnd breathed deeply It awokeAnd yearned for moreWhich I gave in ecstasy And as it was satisfiedI felt the warmth on my skinThe ground beneath my bodyAnd spread myself further MoaningWhile I questioned why I ever stepped awaySinking deeperExpanding into the earth's embrace.