Since visiting Ireland last year, I've told myself that I only need to look for the green to be reminded of the peace I found there. After the rains yesterday, I made a point to go out this morning and find my little patches of Ireland. What makes this even better is that there is … Continue reading Reminders

Learning to Share

I'm a horrible story teller.I've been told repeatedly that I'm random, and continue conversations seemingly conjured from my head. People get lost. Don't know where or how to catch up. And yet, I have to remember how to be a teacher. I've taught previously, and have inspired or helped people move forward along a desired … Continue reading Learning to Share

When You Know

It’s funny when fulfillment arrivesWords are saidActions are takenAnd a feeling of wholeness settles in Conversations don’t have alternative endingsLife simply is Words are suddenly the right wordsActions are suddenly the right actionsWithout regretWithout a second thought Smiles and laughter erupt with abandonAnd I embrace youHoping it never ends.


This moment simply ISThere is no anxiety or anticipationDoors aren't left half openWhatever pathway there isIs already laid bareReady for my foot falls Happily treadingBobbing to the sense of Freedom And then the first warm droplets fallA summer rainAnd the Anticipation comes Alive The droplets stirring the electricity just brimming beneath the surfaceMy breath escapes … Continue reading Pivot