I think I’m finally finding my way
To connect the dots
Between my seemingly ceaseless searching
And you.

I never had a purpose to put pencil to paper
Other than to explore
To find meaning in my own heart

And now,
As I bounce between no and excessive time
I have to choose
How to connect

I look for patterns
What I’m drawn to
What I crave
To make sense of my place here

My hands are my medium
As I type
As I write
As I heal
As I dance
As I stand inverted
As I hold the most precious things and people to me.

I’ve held this outlet close to me
Out of insecurity
Out of privacy
Out of not knowing how you fit in my world.

I think I’m unraveling how you fit now
And it’s empowering
Yet scary
Not knowing if I can live up to the challenge

And that’s the beauty
The search, the discovery, the work to fully realize.

You will be reading more of me.


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