Loneliness taught me to keep busyFear of loneliness kept me busySo as not to risk vulnerability,falling on deaf earsSo, when others sought me, I raised my shield of busy-nessAnd sought the pages before me to hear me The downfallThe pages don’t talk backSo I’m left with revelations of my own designLeft uncheckedUntil my ignorant words … Continue reading Loneliness



This moment simply ISThere is no anxiety or anticipationDoors aren't left half openWhatever pathway there isIs already laid bareReady for my foot falls Happily treadingBobbing to the sense of Freedom And then the first warm droplets fallA summer rainAnd the Anticipation comes Alive The droplets stirring the electricity just brimming beneath the surfaceMy breath escapes … Continue reading Pivot

A Place To Return

I've been stripped downReturned to my natural stateA place I've been striving forFor as long as I've known a sense of anxiety A place without pretenseWitnessing all as it simply isConnecting with smiling eyesAnd friendly phrases Appreciating the smallest of effortsInspired to reconnectTo expand beyond what I've knownPutting together puzzle pieces from my past To … Continue reading A Place To Return