Reflection is best recorded
To see where I’ve been
To gain clarity on where I want to go

Most times I only remember the good times
Other times I get engulfed in the loss

Patterns reveal themselves
When I see the images
When I read the words
When I feel the memories
And remind myself of lessons learned

Where do I want to go now?

I want to move towards freedom – laughter – joy – movement
And, Yes, this is possible while remaining grounded in the world around me

I was reminded today:
Choose what you say yes to, because it means saying no to something else
Why would I choose to say yes to a future I don’t want
If it means saying no or delaying the future that I do want?

When I look in the mirror
I want to see my present self
Projecting the future that I so desire.


2 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. So difficult, turning down the available and expedient in favor of a (we hope) better future thing. This poem reminds me of my eternal struggle with focus and specialization vs. going with what’s going on at present.


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