My Accountability Note to Self

This is not a resolution.

This is an accounting of self. I’ve rediscovered and have resolved to start listening to my intuition through tarot. Today’s card pull was Change right side up…how suiting for the first day of the New Year. It was also pulled in a more in-depth reading that I did a few days ago. So I keep this in mind as I go about my day to remind myself to listen for those aspects of my Self.

Focusing on my physical experience that gives further insight into my mental state, I have felt sluggish, bloated, eating though not hungry, imbalanced digestion, creaky joints, and just overall slow. Although when I set myself to a task I have no trouble getting the energy to do it…but I resist setting the task. What this tells me is that my mental state is influencing my physical body more than my body not actually wanting to do these things.

My initial steps to Change:

  1. I have my feet in the foot massager as I write
  2. Reassess my system through Ayurveda
    • Excess Kapha which is known for its slow heavy state
  3. Choose which area of my life to focus on rebalancing
    • Food…of course. I love food.
    • Light, dry, rough, warm foods. Smaller portions.
      • Black or green tea versus coffee…but, but, but…
      • Dark leafy greens, radishes, apples, beans, potatoes – reduce use of oil when cooking
      • Spices: All things in pumpkin spice (YES!!!), turmeric…up the spice
      • Dark Chocolate…even better!
    • Square 3 meals a day, or 2 if appetite has not returned in the morning – I’ve naturally been feeling this way and have felt better when I was skipping breakfast. I simply thought that I wasn’t eating well – but I was actually listening to my body regarding portioning.
  4. Action Steps
    • My New Year’s Eve menu consisted of:
      • Pigs in a blanket – Kapha aggravating Eek!
      • Mulled wine – Kapha balancing Awesome!
      • Chocolate pecan pie – Mostly Kapha aggravating other than the chocolate…boo…
      • Mexican casserole – Mostly Kapha balancing other than the chips…cool.
    • I have leftovers of everything, but that doesn’t mean that I need to throw out all of the Kapha aggravating items. I just need to have smaller portions. The beauty of Ayurveda is that it doesn’t promote an overhaul of your life. It’s about filtering in practices that work for you. As you learn and practice, the more it becomes a part of your life. I LOVE IT.
    • Start prioritizing the Kapha balancing foods as the main meal component
    • Outside of diet:
      • Start sticking to a bedtime and build a ritual around it
      • Don’t read or do anything that stimulates negative or busy thoughts within the last 2 hours of the day so that dreams don’t disturb my sleep
      • Increase energy output during the day – more high energy versus restful (again this is to counteract my excess Kapha which is heavy already and exacerbated by the heaviness of winter)
    • Continue until I feel better balanced, and then reassess. Sometimes if I follow a balancing diet for too long, I then go out of balance towards the opposite end. It’s important to notice when I have hit the middle point so that I can remain better balanced long-term. Prescriptive measures have not worked well for me.

Writing this already makes me feel more determined, motivated, lighter. Again, mental state influenced through physical awareness. Simply taking a few moments in the morning allows me to tap into me, and to trust my intuition more. Note to Self.


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