Loneliness taught me to keep busyFear of loneliness kept me busySo as not to risk vulnerability,falling on deaf earsSo, when others sought me, I raised my shield of busy-nessAnd sought the pages before me to hear me The downfallThe pages don’t talk backSo I’m left with revelations of my own designLeft uncheckedUntil my ignorant words … Continue reading Loneliness


False Halts

Whenever a false roadblock appearsTo slow our fast footfallsFear encroaching upon the laughterI worry I worryThat the roadblock will growThat the laughter will diminishSimply fearing that what is will fadeAnd so it fadesNot because it would have naturallyBut because what is, is simply overwhelmingAlmost unfathomableStepping in front of our own happiness Is this what you … Continue reading False Halts