Pushing Forward

The turning of the calendar year has never been inspirational for me. I always say that I continually strive to be a better version of myself, and that resolutions don’t really speak to me.

In reality, my renewal of vows to myself have always come in Fall (beginning of the school year), and Spring now that I live in an area with seasons. Even though today’s temperatures are on the border of freezing, Spring is still showing itself and reminding me to reflect and re-institute healthy habits that went dormant during winter.

Looking in the mirror, I’m shedding my winter weight, but I notice that my legs appear that they’re losing strength. I also know that they hurt, I’m cautious with how I put weight on them, and which exercises make them hurt more. But I’m too young for my body to fatigue from the pain of use. So now it’s time to fight for my youth again – Make my list that inspires me to look beyond the now and to widen my perspective in more ways than one. How do you renew your commitment to yourself?

  • Neighborhood walks (sunshine / nature / gardens)
  • Writing (poems / free flow)
  • Dancing (class and grooving at home)
  • Yoga
  • Time with friends
  • Strength training – make me feel like a warrior woman

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