Sometimes I need to screamSometimes I need to write it all outSometimes I need to stressTo figure it all out. Desires multiplyDown the tunnel I goDigging out - yet deeper I go The dirt beneath my nailsWrite the screams from my mindAnd alas I seeWhat echoes within me.

Lost & Felt

Reclaiming my heartMy limbs tingling from the reconnectPlugged back into the sourceMy reason for being I was lost trying to becomeBurnt from unfounded theoriesAs my heart searched for groundingAnd landed in the open air And now. Now I feel the soulGrounded in deep, rich, fertile soilA place to stand onA place to dig my feet … Continue reading Lost & Felt



I stretchedFelt the voidAnd breathed deeply It awokeAnd yearned for moreWhich I gave in ecstasy And as it was satisfiedI felt the warmth on my skinThe ground beneath my bodyAnd spread myself further MoaningWhile I questioned why I ever stepped awaySinking deeperExpanding into the earth's embrace.

An Echo

As lightning strikesAnd the clouds are heavyI stand there awaiting the downpourReady to take the weightAnchoring me to the rumbling earthReady to give birthTo that awful finalityOvertaking all that exists Nothing is settledThe impending rush of simply What Is All that I can do is waitAnd scream the voice welling up inside of meAlone on … Continue reading An Echo

The Dare

Make me FeelMake me ExpandMake me Crave Reaching into the depthsScooping the rich earth into my handsMoist with potentialA life force for what is to come Rooting myself into the darkI grow towards an unknown lightWarm rays absorbed and reflected backBreathing in an unseen love What I could doTo fully realize all that can be … Continue reading The Dare