A Coming of Age

There is an undeniable Shift.

Even among my peers, I have always been called out for being different
And I’ve tried to suppress or deny this
To blend in

I’m stepping into the open air
Ready to begin the journey of discovering who I really am
As I’ve disguised myself so well

I’m beginning to think that I was never meant to blend in
Perhaps my creative side was always destined to overtake me
Perhaps I will fall
And fall a thousand times more

I’m grounded
And from here, I feel as if I can soar

Self consciously, I fear that I’m manic
But, I guess, that fear means that I am not
That all of this is a choice
To be who I really am
With far less fear
Than in my Youth
A Coming of Age.

Old enough not to care so much.
Old enough to own who I am.
Old enough to say when enough is Enough For Myself.


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