A Beautiful Dam

I had created such a beautiful dam
I didn’t even notice the tide rising
And then you cracked me open
Exposing the flood
That I could no longer withhold

Parts that I had buried deep
Denied myself years before
Parts that have yearned to be fed
Starved for the open air
Pulling me under the riptide

And as I search for a stronghold
You remind me
That these are my saviors
Not to be fought and wrestled
But to be carried upon to shore

So as I feel the sediment slip between my fingers
I exhale
Exploring the depths
Accepting an unsteady first footprint
Even as I glance back, it’s washed away

These are turbulent waters
An ever-changing beauty
I’ll wait from the deep
Until they’ve had their fill
Becoming the fluid being I’ve hid asunder


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