Bringing Back the Peace

With so many things to do, people to see, expectations to fulfill – I often get caught up in the whirlwind of activity. The days just fly by and, when I look back, wonder what I did with all of that time. I get excited, and then drained, and then resentful, and then just plain tired. Until the excitement circles back around.

I think that this is why so many people crave getaways. “I just need to get away and recover.” What I’ve found, though, is that need gets stronger with every escape. I find a sense of peace within myself that I get addicted to, the ability to take a deep breath and just BE.

I need to carry these escapes that make me feel whole into my every day life.

Nature inspires me. I love the creativity that flows when I can physically and mentally wander. I feel my anxiety as I begin the journey, and by the time I’ve come up with life stories of all of the plants that I’m surrounded by, I’ve forgotten my worries. I’m rejuvenated, ready to get back home and start being productive again.

But first, let me sit with the peace.

The hardest part is tearing myself away from the clutter of what needs to be done. The unending to-do list, the conversations that need to be started/continued/ended, the money that needs to be first brainstormed on how to be made – and then made, reconciling my own definition of what being a successful adult looks like compared to someone in a higher class that I’m pretending to be a part of while squirreling away my oatmeal rations….yeah…it’s a pit of a rabbit hole.

So I deserve this peace that I’ve found in my neighborhood walk. It’s free (aside from the coffee I prepared at home). I’ve discovered the side streets that purposefully zig-zag to avoid busy vehicle traffic, and the lush gardens that my neighbors have put obvious love into. They have found their home of peace in this busy area, and have left it out in public view so that we may all find a bit more calm.

Just Breathe.


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