Enough is a Fine Line

When you spend a lifetime making love
Then breaking love
Judging yourself
Or judging the one you’re with
When are you Enough?
And when are they Enough?
Without that dreaded Settling…

The feeling of aching for love can be addicting
And breaking at the same time
And only works if you’re falling in love with the same person day after day
Is that so much to ask for?
Likely – but not impossible.

I recently saw a video from Matthew Hussey…that our partners should challenge us. That we should regularly be trying to impress our partner, and them for us. Maybe that person that I always thought was out of my league, is actually someone that would bring this fulfilling partnership? And maybe they feel the same about me. Maybe the person who just vulnerably said that my talents are intimidating, and that I feel would never see me as more than a fling…actually has potential for something substantial. And that I shouldn’t judge myself so harshly for wanting something more.


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