Flowing to Free

From an early age I gravitated towards structure
I thrived within the rules
Learned to meet expectations
Made friends with authority
Even shared and taught to stay within the “artistic” lines

I never fancied myself a visual artist because I was unable to replicate what I saw
Judged myself when I didn’t see perfection in the mirror
Was self conscious because I could never be happy with the progress towards maturity

And now I see that the beauty is in our own perception
The ability to express our own interpretation of our inner and outer worlds
How we interact with our surroundings
Choose to be Human
Live with our Imperfect Selves
Forgive what we learned we can not, or do not, want to live up to
A version of our lives that we feel at peace with
The ability to meet Ourselves without expectation
Just a calm observation of Who We Are

The ability to choose how I want to interact with the world has a calming effect
Relieving self-judgement extends to releasing others from what “should be”
Seeing individual journeys beyond what the rules dictate
Knowing that the rules can be/are imperfect/outdated/Human interpretation/control/insecurity
And that I can choose Not to follow the guidelines

My art, in whatever form, flows more freely
Knowing that not everything, or anything, needs to be a finished product
Beautiful in its imperfections
My version of reality
And that it’s okay to not see how the rest of the world sees
My approach can be fluid, adaptable, and even rigid when I choose it to be

That’s the beauty of being Human, an individual, within a collective whole


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