Released from the Shallow

I sensed a shortness of breath
That I wouldn’t be able to support you until the end
Through no lack of trying
And that you would be left gasping for breath
As you’re left clutching for something no longer of substance

And now that I’ve released myself from these Shallows
I no longer feel the closeness of tragedy
That my vision was short, and unable to breathe deeply
A premonition of emptiness

Instead, I have been released into the vast open air
An expanse that fills me with joy
Despite a lost love

As if I knew all along that I would have the choice
Of a tragic love story, or of utter freedom
Feeling heavy in the shallow pool
Or feeling light in the vast deep end

I had to
I couldn’t witness myself slowly drowning any more
Releasing your tightly gripped hand
Was no small feat

Feeling as if I’m letting go of a destiny
In order to find a greater substance
Witnessing the gloom lifting
From years before we ever entwined

It’s a new life
A new destiny
That I never sensed from the depths
Because the pain was so much closer to the surface

I can now see it rippling away from me
As I witness the gorgeous expanse of possibilities I never thought I could allow myself to imagine.


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